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Childs Necessary Chair, Wingback Potty Chair in Original Red Paint New England, Early 19th Century White Pine...

The tall plank back joining outwept down sloping wings that are dadoed to receive the pierced trapezoidal seat board. Very good surface, a nice example. (Height: 24"; width: 12.25"; depth: 10")




Hooded Cradle, Original Paint, Cheese Cutter Rockers
New York State Circa 1800 to 1820

Antique Hooded Cradle in Original Paint, New York State, Circa 1800, angle view

Classic form featuring scalloped fascia, stiles & footboard, in dry faux grain paint, wonderful blue painted interior. (47 by 21")



Antique Hooded Cradle in Original Paint, New York State, Circa 1800, entire view
Antique Hooded Cradle in Original Paint, New York State, Circa 1800, rear angle view

Diminutive Childs Window Seat, Stool, Bench, Scrolled Ends, Saber Legs
New York City, Circa 1815 to 1820
Mahogany, white pine, ash seat frame

Antique Childs Window Seat/Bench with Scrolled Ends and Saber Legs, Circa 1815, angle view

A rare, scarcely encountered piece of seating furniture featuring scrolled tablet top rails joining serpentine posts; plain apron containing slip seat raised on saber legs.
(H: 23”, W: 29”, D: 17”)



Antique Childs Window Seat/Bench with Scrolled Ends and Saber Legs, Circa 1815, entire view

Childs Arched Wingback Necessary Chair, Potty in Original Mustard Paint
New England, 19th Century
White pine

Antique Childs Arched Wingback Necessary Chair/Potty Chair, 19th Century, angle view

A lovely and necessary country form featuring winged-sides and down-swept arms
(H: 25"; W: 16"; D: 12")



Antique Childs Arched Wingback Necessary Chair/Potty Chair, 19th Century, entire view

A Rare Children’s Windsor Rocking Settee,
Original Paint & Decoration, A Unique Composition
Outstanding diminutive example of Windsor seating in remarkable original condition, C. 1810

Antique Children's Windsor Rocking Settee/Bench in Original Paint and Decoration, 19th Century, angle view

The decorated slat-back is above eight arrow-shape spindles flanked by folksy curved/bowed arms featuring button terminus; carved, incised and shaped plank seat raised on raking turned legs joined by “H”-stretcher. Possibly an experimental design featuring a standard bent back with “flat sticks” (period term) combined with wonderful quirky arms and, button arm tips, the turned arm supports bulging outwards. Also, it is interesting that the design of the back is clearly circa 1810…Yet, other features date to the late 18th century, especially the shape of seat at each end; the three-section bamboo turnings rather than updated four-section bamboo-work; the “H” plan stretcher system rather than box-style bracing. Please see pp. 211 to 217 in Nancy Evans’s American Windsor Chairs where you will view similar mixtures in design.
Another subtle feature, a New York City shop tradition, are the grooved double rings across the lower third of the entire back from post-to-post. (We note that the seat is carved of white pine rather than the NYC favored yellow poplar.) The tablet features hand painted grape leaves, tendrils and vines centering conch shells…strawberries for color; the arrows display green leafy-devices on red stems with little soft-blue flowers, the back is flanked by similarly decorated posts. The painted surface remains in a most high state of originality with “as expected” and minor wear, overall patina is great, areas of “expected” thin paint such as arms and seat edges display a deep, rich, and smooth brown color. The overall integrity is without compromise.
(Height: 31"; width: 34"; depth: 15")



Antique Children's Windsor Rocking Settee/Bench in Original Paint and Decoration, 19th Century, entire view
Antique Children's Windsor Rocking Settee/Bench in Original Paint and Decoration, 19th Century, rails detail

19th Century Childs Wooden Folding Camp Chair, Civil War Era, Maple

Antique Civil War Era Childs Wooden Folding Camp Chair, angle view

We can’t find another child’s example; full size examples are few; generally assigned to CW officer’s seating. (20 by 14 by 11”)



Antique Civil War Era Childs Wooden Folding Camp Chair, rear angle view

Rod back Windsor Highchair with Tablet Crest, Old Black Paint, Bamboo Turned
New England, Circa 1820

Antique Rod Back Windsor Highchair in Old Black Paint, Circa 1820, angle view

(H: 32”, W: 13”, D: 12”)



Antique Rod Back Windsor Highchair in Old Black Paint, Circa 1820, entire view

Child's Bow-Back Windsor Highchair
Rhode Island
Circa 1795-1800

The double incised bow with full rounded arch receives seven tapered spindles and the sawed rectangular-scrolled incised arms that are supported by the three section bamboo turned posts. The shaped saddle seat is raised on tall bamboo turned legs with tapered feet and is joined by turned H-plan stretcher. The surface is possibly original; green paint now highly oxidized and nearly black. Typical of these highchairs, this chair may have experienced a tumble early in is functional period. The chair was mended for continued use by subsequent generations. When one examines the chair at arms length, the "in-use" mends are not immediately evident.

The very tight kerfed and pinned splice in the bow, just above the proper left arm appears to be ancient; the entire bow shares a consistent dark surface and rich patina. The proper left arm terminus at bow has a slightly different shape and is a tad lower than the other arm. There is a small lamination at edge of seat that is pinned; note the shrinkage as evidenced by protruding pins; note consistency of color. It is possible that the bow was mended by retrofitting beneath the arm; pinning, shaping and scratch molding it. It is also possible that the bow was made that way; in two pieces. We are comfortable that the chair was mended while in use and that the narrow seat spice may be original...nonetheless, the chair remains a terrific object of integrity, character and personality.
Height: 35"; Seat Height: 21.75": Width: 11"; Depth: 11".



Child's Armchair, Bergen County, New Jersey
Circa 1780 to 1800
Maple and ash, dry surface

A scarcely encountered little armchair featuring classic Bergen County finials atop the rear posts centering three slightly arched slats above the trapezoidal seat. The front and rear posts are joined by stretchers, and are without ornamentation save for the ball-feet and handholds on front posts. (Height: 25.75"; Seat height: 7.75"; height at handholds: 14.75".)



High Chair, Original Surface History, Wonderful Green over Red Paint, Splint Seat
New England, 19th Century

Antique High Chair with Original Surface History, 19th Century, angle view

(H: 35.75”, seat H: 22”)



Youth’s Windsor Fan Back Rocking Chair, Old Black Paint
New England, Circa 1780
Wonderful form

Antique Youth's Size Windsor Fan Back Rocking Chair, Circa 1780, angle view

(Excellent condition; H: 33.5”, seat H: 15”, W: 19.25”, D: 27”)



Child's Ladder Back Armchair, Slat Back
Original Surface History
New England, 18th Century
Maple and ash
Used as baby's training walker, worn and flattened surfaces offer character

(Loss of height, make-do burlap over ancient, possibly original rush seat; H: 24": seat H: 8"; W: 14.25"; D: 12")



Pair of Thumb-back Youth Windsor Chairs
Lynn, Massachusetts
Circa 1850

Dimensions: 28.5" height, 13.75" seat height, 14.5" depth and width.



Youths Windsor Side Chair, Original Paint and Decoration
Likely Pennsylvania, Circa 1825

Antique Youth's Windsor Side Chair with Original Paint and Decoration, Circa 1825, angle view

Plank seated rod-back with decorated tablet, crisply turned, full-height
(Excellent original condition; typical paint loss to seat; H: 29.5"; seat H: 14.25"; W: 14.75"; D: 13.75")



Antique Youth's Windsor Side Chair with Original Paint and Decoration, Circa 1825, entire view

Youth’s Ladder Back Side Chair, Old Blue Gray over Original Red Paint, Original Seat
New England, Circa 1800

Antique Youth's Size Ladder Back Side Chair, New England, Circa 1800, angle view

(Seat imperfections as displayed; H: 33.75”, seat H: 12.5”, W: 18.5”, D: 14.25”)



Antique Youth's Size Ladder Back Side Chair, New England, Circa 1800, entire view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Childs Paint Decorated Windsor Thumb-back Armchair, Early 19th Century
Eastern United States - SOLD

Antique Childs Paint Decorated Windsor Armchair, Early 19th Century, angle view

A hand-painted reticulated basket of fruits decorates the tablet; downward sloping arms with scrolled terminus; shaped seat with incised gutter and undercut/canted edge raised on turned legs resting on button feet joined by turned stretchers. (21 by 13 by 10”)

632-35 - SOLD

Highchair, Ladder Back, Splayed Legs, Original Red Paint, Wonderful Surface
New England, Circa 1780 to 1800
Maple and ash - SOLD

The turned tapering stiles with finials join two arched slats; shaped arms on ring and vasiform turned supports continuing to splayed legs joined by double stretchers. As is so often the case, the front medial stretcher was replaced during an early period of use; a strong hardwood stick facilitated a make-do repair. The stick has developed a great patina and is pleasingly timeworn; the underside retains a smooth bark. (The splint seat displays age, however, it is not original. H: 38.25"; seat H: 22"; W: 13"; D: 15.75")

987-14 - SOLD

Child’s Size Gray Painted Open Top Step Back Cupboard
American; likely Pennsylvania, Circa 1840 - SOLD

Antique Child's Size Gray Painted Step Back Cupboard, Circa 1840, angle view

Poplar, original surface history, early gray over blue paint
(Fine condition; H: 31.5"; W: 18"; D: 10")

210-259 - SOLD

Early Sausage Turned Rush Bottom Highchair in Great Green Paint
Northeastern United States, circa 1800 - SOLD

Antique Sausage Turned Rush Bottom Highchair, Circa 1800, angle view

(As depicted, missing foot rest and height loss; we are able to have this restored and surfaced to match. H: 40”, seat H: 21.5”, W: 18.5”, D: 14.5”)

1174-1 - SOLD

Youth Chair, Bergen County, New Jersey, Turned Slat-back Side Chair, Circa 1790
Nice figured wood, good color, full-height; a nice example - SOLD

Antique Youth's Turned Slat Black Side Chair, New Jersey, Circa 1790, angle view

(32 by 15 by 11”)

632-39 - SOLD

Pine Rocking Cradle in Original Red Paint, Extremely Rare Early Example
New England, Circa 1700 to 1730
Of simple mortise and tenon construction; maple, white pine and oak
(H: 18”, W: 35”, D: (rockers) 27.25”) - SOLD

Antique Rocking Cradle in Original Red Paint, New England, Circa 1700 to 1730, angle view 1

An enjoyable and informative read; The Hands the Rocked the Cradle: Interpretations in the Life of an Object by R. Ruthie Dibble, American Furniture, 2012, Chipstone Foundation.

1136-4 - SOLD

Child's Chest of Drawers, Carved, Stained and Painted, Folk Art
Unknown Maker, Possibly Pennsylvania
Late 19th Century
An inspired tour de force of moldings and carving
Mahoganized and Painted Poplar - SOLD

The arched, carved and pierced backsplash above a pair of short glove drawers having carved wood pulls; drawers centered by projecting incised and scrolled frontal moldings; fielded panel sides similarly molded. The lower section displays a slightly projecting top and contains three working drawers flanked by carved, incised and scrolled moldings continuing to similarly treated scrolled feet joined by shaped apron; back feet also carved. At the top of case (center of splash), and at top center and outside corners of lower-case are applied carved quarter and half-round ornaments. The case and drawer fronts are faux grained, all else stained; superb surface. Excellent original condition; two light scratches on side of case, else fine. (H: 27.5"; W: 15"; D: 10.5")

431-75 - SOLD

Dry Sink, Childs Size, Old Brown Paint, Dovetailed Drawers
American, First Half 19th Century
Competent joinery; lovingly made for a special girl - SOLD

Child's Size Dry Sink in Old Brown Paint, First Half 19th Century, angle view

(Original surface history, brown over; appears that the maker used screws as drawer pulls; great as a side-table or on a kitchen counter...or as a child's dry sink! H: 18.75", W: 20", D: 9.5")

507-11 - SOLD

Child's Slant Lid Desk, Queen Anne Fall Front
New England, 18th Century
Maple, butternut, pine
Sweet little desk, possibly original brasses, decent color - SOLD

(Minor imperfections, repairs to base, some posts replaced; H: 20"; writing H: 15"; W: 18.25"; D: 11.5")

191-422 - SOLD

Hitchcock Type Child's Painted Settee, Chair, Armchair, Pillow Top, Cane Seats
Likely Connecticut, Circa 1835 to 1840, retaining original stenciled decoration
Gilt stenciled on painted ground, seats with rolled front edge, turned legs - SOLD

(Good condition commensurate with age and use, very minor imperfections; settee: 27" H, 25" W, D: 12"; armchair: 26.75" H, 15" W, 11.5" D; chair: 26.75" H, 13.75" W, 11.5" D)

231-38 - SOLD

Child's Block Front Chest, Original Surface and Hardware
Circa 1770
Painted to simulate walnut with ebonized moldings - SOLD

The blocked and molded top profile conforms to the case containing three block carved drawers; each with three protruding panels alternating with four convex panels. The hardware appears to be original, cast pewter back-plates with iron bails fastened by cotter pins. (Primarily intact, base restored; proper right side molding replaced; H: 16.5"; W: 20.25"; D: 11.25")

274-157 - SOLD

Child's High Chair, Arched Slat Ladder Back, Splayed legs, Acorn Finials
Early 19th Century
Box stretcher, splint seat, and blunt arrow front feet
Maple and Ash - SOLD

(Dimensions: 32" H; 19" W; 15" D)

1032-74 - SOLD

Highchair, Thumb Back, Original Paint and Decoration, Freehand and Stencil
American, Anonymous
Circa 1825 to 1835 - SOLD

(H: 33.25"; seat H: 21.5"; W: 13"; D: 11.5")

121-158 - SOLD

Child's Slant Lid Desk, Queen Anne Fall Front. 18.25" Wide
New England
18th Century
Maple, butternut, pine
Sweet little desk, possibly original brasses, decent color - SOLD

Minor imperfections, repairs to base, some posts replaced.
(H: 20"; writing H: 15"; W: 18.25"; D: 11.5")

191-364 - SOLD

Child's Corner Washstand, Curly Maple, Rare
New England
Circa 1810 to 1820
Curly maple, maple veneer, and white pine, great color and surface - SOLD

(Excellent condition; H: 32.25"; W: 19"; D: 13")

240-194 - SOLD

Chair, Youth's, Side Chair, Windsor, Fancy Painted
Original Surface History
Pennsylvania, Mid Atlantic Region
Circa 1810 to 1820 - SOLD

Stylistically, a very different piece of seating furniture, perhaps inspired by Baltimore tradition, yet with Pennsylvania elements; architecturally interesting-perhaps unique. The tablet-centered crest joining incised knop turned stiles having finials consisting of multiple ring-turned bands forming ball-like finials centering five bamboo and crease turned spindles; the center spindle features a medallion. The round cornered rectangular seat is dished and has an ornamental seat projection at front center; seats are raised on legs with ring turned bands under seat, down-weighted incised baluster above reverse baluster terminating with a knop above a small turned foot. The legs are joined by a delicate turned box stretcher. The chair is fancy grain painted in a style often found on central Pennsylvania pieces. The decorated surface is early and is found over original green paint. Other than typical paint losses the chair remains in great condition. (H: 29.75"; seat H: 14"; W: 13.5"; D: 14.75".)

547-5 - SOLD

Chest of Drawers, Childs, Dolls, Old red Paint
New England
Early 19th Century
Pine - SOLD

The applied crown molding above side-by-side short drawers above two long drawers all set within beaded openings; the case raised on strait bracket feet joined by scalloped apron. Surface competently cleaned of over-paint exposing old red. (H: 14.5"; W: 14.5"; D: 9.75")

640-8 - SOLD

Child's Settee, Doll
Sold separately

Child's Settee, Paint Decorated bench
Probably Pennsylvania
Circa 1830 to 1840
Hand and stenciled decoration ornament this example which remains in very good condition. Looks like gramps daubed a tad of brown paint on areas with paint loss; doesn't distract and is minor. (9" by 23.25" by 9.5")

Doll, China Head
Circa 1880's
Covered wagon hairdo, charming doll nicely dressed in excellent condition.
Dimensions: 27" tall.

Early New England Child's Armchair
Mid 18th Century, maple and ash - SOLD

Original surface history, finials and handholds. Notice the flattened front posts and loss of height cased by generations of children using it as a "walker" as they learned to walk! The chair measures 25" in overall height (7.5" in height to the seat), 14" in width and 11" in depth.

182-8 - SOLD

Desk, Child's, Slant Front, Queen Anne, Original Brasses
Mid 18th Century
New England
Circa 1758
White Pine
The maker memorialized the date of manufacture, painted on the interior of backboard is found, March 12 1758. - SOLD

The slant lid with mitered, lapped and pegged battens rests on loppers and opens to a fitted interior featuring six-cubbies having outstanding lobed valances and shaped dividers over four drawers retaining original brass pulls. The interior writing surface has a sliding deck section that opens to a storage compartment.
The lower section has two graduated drawers with overhanging thumb-molded edges and original brasses. The whole raised on a tall and robust applied bracket base. The surface with traces of thin red is very old and has a rich patina; (1758) in the backboards. (W: 29" D: 16"; H: 38" with a writing surface height of 28.25")

344-1 - SOLD

Childs Chair
New England
Early 19th Century
Sometimes referred to as Necessary Chair or Potty Chair
Original red paint - SOLD

With unusual lollipop finial above the slightly domed and back-swept backboard; the winged sides are outwardly flared. The seat is fitted with a removable seat board above the analogous seat board which is fitted for the chamber pot.
Dimensions: 28" overall height, 7.5" seat height, 11.75" wide, 10.5" deep.

912-80 - SOLD

Early Child's Ladder-Back Chair
Original Green Paint
Early 19th Century
New England
Maple and ash - SOLD

The stylish turned finals above posts centering slats above a very old rush seat raised on tapered legs joined by box-stretcher. Fantastic apple green paint; pegged construction. (Height: 18"; seat height: 6.5"; width: 10.5"; depth: 8.5".)

637-2 - SOLD

Country Sheraton
Doll Or Child's Chest
First half-19th century...
Pittsfield, Maine
Pine - SOLD

Side-by-side glove drawers surmounted by scrolled backboard above a projecting case of three long drawers raised on carved octagonal feet; feet swell and taper and are analogous extensions of the stiles. The drawers are dovetailed with drawer fronts being painted and having turned wooden knobs; case in a red resin stain. Secondary wood on lower drawer restored, otherwise all else fine and original. (Height: 23.5"; width: 21.75"; depth: 12.5".)

933-3 - SOLD

Child's Mushroom Armchair
Early 18th Century
Massachusetts - SOLD

Tall finials over arched splats...down sloping arms; turned seat rails and stretchers join the robust posts. A wonderful early armchair displaying typical wear to front posts and handholds. The pine seat was added long ago during the chairs period of use; loss of height. Ancient black paint over green paint; dry surface. (Height: 21.5"; seat height: 6.25"; width: 15.5"; depth: 11.5".)

424-42 - SOLD

Exceptional Children's Secretary-Bookcase
Anonymous - SOLD

As depicted, exuberantly molded pediment above a pair of molded glazed doors; the slant lid opens to reveal the interior fitted with six drawers and scrolled dividers above the projecting and shaped front. The lower case with side handles contains three long drawers and is raised on conforming bracket base. Nicely figured veneers, banding, and inlays compliment this piece. This lovely piece has been expertly restored and measures 45.25" in overall height, 20.25" wide, 11" deep, with a 17" writing height.

514-155 - SOLD

Child's Banister-Back Armchair
Circa 1780
Fine condition...original surface - SOLD

This chair, a successfully turned and joined small scale version of an adult's chair, remains in excellent original condition; the seat is not period and the red surface is tinning with all else fine. (Height: 24"; seat height: 8.25".)

351-4 - SOLD

Child's Windsor Highchair
Original Windsor Green Paint
New England
Circa 1825 - SOLD

The slat-back above four tapered and incised spindles centered by out-swept incised rear posts that receive the turned, tapered, and incised armrests. The armrests on turned, incised, and swelled posts. The shaped and scooped plank-seat raised on delicate turned and incised legs joined by box stretcher. The footrest is original as is the paint which has a nice patina. Overall fine original condition. (Height: 35.5"; seat height: 24"; width: 15.5"; depth: 15.5".)

314-33 - SOLD

Child's Chairs, Bergen County, New Jersey
A matched pair
Circa 1790-1810
Maple - SOLD

This rarely encountered matched pair features classic Bergen County finals above three shaped slats; trapezoidal seats in old natural rush raised on plain-turned legs ending in ball feet that are joined by stretchers. (Height: 30.5"; seat height: 12.5".)

632-20 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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