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Maple Candlestand, Country Queen Anne, Original surface, First Red Paint
New England, 18th Century
Square top; the corners feature birds’ eye maple veneer, vase and ring-turned post raised on tripod base retaining full pads; great color!

Antique Maple Candlestand in Original Surface and First Red Paint, 18th Century, angle view

(Excellent condition; H: 26.5"; top: 14 by 14.5")



Antique Maple Candlestand in Original Surface and First Red Paint, 18th Century, top detail

FRIENDSHIP, MAINE, “July 18, 1883 Albert G. Cook”
The table, circa 1810ish is likely Maine, perhaps New Hampshire, and was decorated, signed, and dated by Albert Cook, a sea captain from Friendship.

Antique Patriotic Folk Art Candlestand, Friendship, Maine, 1883, angle view

Infrared imaging reveals a graphite signature, date, and notations on the underside; also, found under the cleat is the artist’s notation “311 Pices” [sic], indicating the number of individual pieces used to create the magnificently and intricately detailed top; the author of this amazing work signed and dated his work, “July 18, 1883 Albert G. Cook”. It is possible that Cook plied his talent while shipboard to pass time.

The table, art and utility combined, remains in its original red surface and is constructed of cherry; the oval top worked in individually cut, painted, and inlayed sailcloth/oilcloth; the composition features 311-inlayed pieces. At the center is found an embossed kedge anchor within a vignette of red and white stars arranged in a star pattern flanked by American shields within a green border framed in yellow, black, and red. The frieze displays fifty-nine conforming gold stars and a concentric yellow border centering the red, white, and blue corded device. The robustly-turned standard is raised on tall spider legs having beaded edges.

There is a tight shrinkage fissure to edge; otherwise this table remains in a fine and original state of preservation. It was acquired by collectors in the mid-20th century, by decent within the family to our consignor.

Dimensions: Top 22.5” by 15”, H: 26.75”



Antique Patriotic Folk Art Candlestand, Friendship, Maine, 1883, side view
Antique Patriotic Folk Art Candlestand, Friendship, Maine, 1883, top detail
Antique Patriotic Folk Art Candlestand, Friendship, Maine, 1883, post detail
Antique Patriotic Folk Art Candlestand, Friendship, Maine, 1883, infrared detail

Serpentine Top
Connecticut River Valley
Circa 1790 to 1800

As depicted...the serpentine top with tight lines is crisply chamfered at sides and is affixed to cherry cleat that receives the tapered column with urn above spool turnings; raised on ridged cabriole legs terminated by pad feet. The legs and pedestal are notched and shaped where joined at base. A successful Chippendale expression made during the Federal period...perhaps Deerfield, Massachusetts. Excellent condition; old refinish. (Height: 26"; top: 18.25 x 17.75".)



Candlestand, Federal, Country, Maple, in the Bartlett/Dunlap Circle
New Hampshire, Early 19th Century
Square top, chamfered, and invected corners; cabriole legs, traces of red

(Shrinkage fissures to top; H: 27.25", top: 17.5 by 17")



Inlaid Tip Top Candlestand, Queen Anne
Connecticut River Valley
18th Century

The inlaid square top with applied molding on turned column raised on cabriole legs resting on pad feet; nice old color. (Dimensions: 27.5" H, 17.5 by 18" top.)


718-27 old surface
Connecticut River Valley
Circa 1780-1810

As depicted, a very handsome and tight serpentine top on a baluster turned column, raised on very good snake foot with pad. The surface history is intact; dry patina. Tight mended shrinkage fissure in top. (Height: 27.25"; top: 15.875 x 17.125".)



Candle Stand, Federal, Inlaid
North Shore, Massachusetts
Circa 1800 to 1815
Mahogany, birds eye maple panel

Exceptional oval-tip-top inlayed table; the top pivoting on delicate ring-turned standard raised on lovely tall notch carved cabriole legs with ridged snake feet retaining full pad height. (Height: 28.25"; top: 22 x 15.75".)



Federal Candle Stand
North Shore, Massachusetts
Circa 1810

The cross-banded mahogany tilt top with oval inlay, raised on the turned column, continuing to spider legs with spayed feet. Fine condition.
Dimensions: 28" high, 16 by 18.75" top.



An Early Hudson River Valley Table
Mahogany, butternut and gumwood
Circa 1730-1740

The 18.5" round mahogany top is nailed to the chamfered gumwood cleat that receives the tapered trumpet column; nicely shaped slab-cut legs are mortised to shaft with bell shaped drop-finial. In very good condition and having good color; each leg tightened by installing a screw from the underside to the column, all else fine. The height is 24.5".



CIRCA 1790

This successfully proportioned stylish candle stand features a vibrant mahogany top with a rosewood cross-banded edge and a central flame birch panel within a geometric border. The top pivots on two mahogany batons and is secured in the horizontal position with a circular brass latch, which is original to the table. The top is raised on a ring turned post with a delicate laurel wreath carved central vase; this specific leaf decoration is a motif used by Salem carvers including Samuel McIntire. The post joins three delicate slender tapering scrolled spider legs with geometric inlaid cuffs. The table is in excellent condition with a fine old surface that may be original. A small fissure in the top has been reinforced with an inset Dutchman in the back. Mahogany with birch block and light and dark wood inlays. (Height with top up 41; dimensions of top: 22 x 14 7/8"; height with top down 29".) Mahogany with birch block and light and dark wood inlays.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Torchere Stand, Octagonal Top, Turned & Carved Standard, Scrolled Feet
England, Early 19th Century
Mahogany, rosewood and ebony - SOLD

Antique Torchere Stand with Octagonal Top and Scrolled Feet, Early 19th Century, angle view

The octagonal mahogany top banded with ebonized molding is attached to a conforming chamfered cleat affixed to a delicate turned and carved standard featuring an ebonized acorn drop finial; the whole on tripod base; the top edges with ebonized molding; the scrolled feet are ornamented with domed bosses featuring concentric ring turning. (Excellent condition; H: 35.5”, top: 11 by 11”)

270-138 - SOLD

Candlestand, Sheraton Table, Boston, Circa 1815
Mahogany - SOLD

The rectangular top with molded edges, on spiral and ring-turned standard, continuing to down-sloping, out-swept legs with turret-like terminus raised on ball feet. (Old break to one leg, else fine; 28.5" H, 17 by 20.5" top.)

270-47 - SOLD

Candle Stand
Original Red paint
New England
Circa 1825-1830 - SOLD

The rectangular top with cut corners on a molded cleat; turned column raised on spider legs. Excellent condition with typical shrinkage crack where leg dovetails into base of column. (Height: 28"; Top: 16 x 19".)

201-221 - SOLD

Candlestand, Queen Anne, Curly Maple
18th Century - SOLD

The round top affixed to molded and tapered curly maple cleat on baluster turned column; raised on cabriole legs with ridge and pads. (Height: 26.5"; top diameter: 16.75")

274-101 - SOLD

Table, Candlestand, Old Paint
New England
Circa 1700 to 1740
Birch, original surface history - SOLD

The round top raised on standard featuring an unusual and robust turning vocabulary, and turned drop-finial; the tripod base, which is pegged, also features fully developed robust turnings. See Furniture of the Pilgrim Century by Wallace Nutting, plate 911-913 for a similar table. (Height: 25.75"; top diameter: 12.5")

745-34 - SOLD

Candlestand, Hepplewhite, Fine and Delicate
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Circa 1800
Mahogany - SOLD

Featuring a thin octagonal top affixed to turned cleat with threaded aperture that receives the urn-turned standard which is raised on beautiful spider-legs resting on spade feet. We note that an old shrinkage fissure following wood grain in top has been professionally repaired by the addition of a pair of delicate underside moldings. (Height: 28"; top: 14.5 x 14.75")

274-94 - SOLD

Cruciform Base Candlestand
Circa 1700 - SOLD

This mixed wood stand features an octagonal top on turned column, raised in slightly arched cruciform base. This table with excellent surface measures 25" high, and the top measures 12 by 12".

424-32 - SOLD

Probably Southern New Hampshire
18th Century
Maple, old red paint - SOLD

The round top affixed to cleat, above the turned and blocked (hexagonal) standard, raised on slab-cut cabriole legs. Dimensions: 23.5" high, 15.5" top diameter.

637-60 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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