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Blanket Chest, Old Blue Paint
New England
18th Century
Poplar case, chestnut drawer bottom

Hinged rectangular top with applied molding above a conforming case having four false-front drawers (two faux short-drawers over two long-drawers), above a working long-drawer, with applied molding at base; the whole on tall arched cutout feet. The surface cleaned to reveal thinning and wonderful blue paint; brass hardware is replaced (each brass hiding a small wood dowel plugging later post apertures); bottoms of drawer sides slightly built-up adjusting use-wear, and smooth functioning. This attractive chest remains in generally very good condition; any minor imperfections are consistent with age. (H: 36"; W: 38"; D: 19.5")



Lift-top Paint Decorated Two-Drawer Blanket Chest, Faux Curly Maple
Likely Massachusetts, Early 19th Century
Original faux curly maple graining, fine construction, outstanding original condition

Antique Queen Anne Side Chair with Shell Carved Crest and Knees, Circa 1750, angle view

The rectangular top with tapered and notched cleats over a deep-well above two working long-drawers retaining original turned wood pulls above tall cutout bracket feet; the sides featuring ogee foot profiles. (Height: 44", width: 39", depth: 18")



Antique Queen Anne Side Chair with Shell Carved Crest and Knees, Circa 1750, entire view
Antique Queen Anne Side Chair with Shell Carved Crest and Knees, Circa 1750, crest detail

Blanket Chest, Lift Top over Two Drawers, Original Red Paint
New Hampshire History, 18th Century
A survivor in great surface

Antique Lift Top Blanket Chest Over Two Drawers, Original Red Paint, 18th Century, right angle view

The rectangular lid with applied moldings retains its original snipe-hinges and is over a deep chest having a lidded till; the two long drawers never had pulls.
The case features a molded base and rests on cutout feet joined by a narrow apron.
The right proper front foot profile appears to have been partially restored very early in its working life; wood, tool marks and thinning pigment are consistent with upper half and other feet as if it was repaired by the maker. (38 by 19.5 by 44.5”)



Antique Lift Top Blanket Chest Over Two Drawers, Original Red Paint, 18th Century, left angle view

Blanket Chest, Paint Decorated, Schoharie or Albany County, New York, Original Condition
Circa 1815 to 1830
Exuberant floral and foliate border centering a lush basket of flowers-SOLD

Displaying urn of flowers flanked by the letters "M.M.," the owner's initials, centered by border of scrolling vines and floral rosettes against black and red graining.
(Very good condition with imperfections to top; H: 20.5", W: 43.75", D: 17.75")
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested.
For illustrations of related chests, see: Mary Antoine De Julio, "New York-German Painted Chests," The Magazine Antiques, May 1985, pages 1156-1165; also, Cynthia V. A. Schaffner and Susan Klein, American Painted Furniture, page 149.


Blanket Chest, Deep Well
Original brasses and surface
Circa 1785

The surface is partially over-varnished.
Dimensions: 47.5" H, 42" W, 17" D.



Small New England Blanket Chest, Original Green Paint, Applied Moldings, Cut-Out Base
19th Century
A nice little country chest

Antique Small Blanket Chest in Original Green Paint, New England, 19th Century, angle view

(Very good condition; 36.5 by 19 by 14")



Antique Small Blanket Chest in Original Green Paint, New England, 19th Century, entire view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Blanket Chest, Original Paint, Shoe Feet, Initialed “JR” Mohawk Valley, New York, Circa 1800 White pine, oak feet - SOLD

Rectangular lid with applied molding over a conforming case of dovetail joinery, raised on finely molded base resting on original chip-carved shoe feet. The interior fitted with lift-top till; case retains original wrought iron hardware…featuring heart-shaped back plates.
(Width: 40”, depth: 18”, height: 18.5”)

1120-82 - SOLD

Mule Chest, Early Chest, Original Brass, Faux & Working Drawers, Great Surface A Circa 1720-1740 Transitional William & Mary to Queen Anne Chest in Surface Possibly Merrimacport or Newbury - SOLD

A New England chest in fantastic surface…the rectangular lid with integral molded edge retains original carved cleats and original cotter pin hinges; a conforming case with applied half round moldings features a pair of faux drawers over two functional drawers; the whole raised on molded base frame resting on carved straight bandy legs with pad feet [back legs are square]. Robust surface with great depth of patina displays traces of original thinning gain painted surface.
(Height: 43.25"; width: 39"; depth: 19")


Paint Decorated Blanket Chest, Powerful Visual Impact, Original Paint and Hardware
New England, Circa 1825
White pine - SOLD

Antique Paint Decorated Blanket Chest with Original Paint and Hardware, Circa 1825, right angle view

Chamfered-edge lift-top retaining original snipe hinges above chest featuring deep-well and two graduated long drawers; the whole raised on cutout feet joined by valanced aprons. (There are scattered and very old minor areas of thin-fill that can be removed, all else excellent. H: 41.75"; W: 37.75"; D: 16.5") Please call for full description, and/or enthusiastic discussion.

1230-1 - SOLD

Blanket Chest, Paint Decorated, Original Surface, Fine Condition
New England
Circa 1835
White pine, original turned wooden pulls, clean - SOLD

The rectangular lid with applied molding above a conforming case; box above drawer raised on cutout base. Bright brownish/red putty-rolled concentric circles ornament the front panel; full coverage vinegar decoration on all surfaces remains bright and fine. (Dimensions: 29" H, 34.25" W, 17" D.)

783-6 - SOLD

Blanket Chest, Fancy Painted
First quarter, 19th century
Superb form and construction - SOLD

The lid with bold applied molding hung from original shaped strap hinges above the dovetailed case with horizontal applied molding centered by two short drawers having overhanging thumb-molded edges and original brasses. The drawers are flanked by fluted panels. The dry bittersweet paint is original and has slightly darker subtle flourishes; and remains in fine original condition with good patina. The case raised on turned feet. (W: 49.75"; H: 26"; D: 23".)

977-26 - SOLD

Small Blanket Chest, Original Paint Decorated Surface, Flaring French Feet
Likely Pennsylvania, circa 1820
Dovetail joinery, molded lid and base, lidded till, original hardware - SOLD

Antique Blanket Chest with Original Paint Decorated Surface, Circa 1820, angle view

(Very good original condition; H: 21”, W: 31”, D: 16”)

107-267 - SOLD

William and Mary Blanket Chest, Original and Beautiful Ball Feet on Conical Pads
Likely Massachusetts, Early 18th Century
Hard Pine - SOLD

Antique William and Mary Blanket Chest with Original Ball Feet, Early 18th Century, angle view

Molded rectangular lift-top retaining original snipe hinges over the conforming case featuring original moldings; deep-well above two false drawers above two working drawers, the whole raised on molded base resting on original feet.
(Replaced hardware, thinned red wash; H: 39.5”, W: 37”, D: 20”)

648-14 - SOLD

Painted Blanket Chest
New England
Circa 1810-1820 - SOLD

The rectangular lid with applied molding above deep well and two long drawers raised on tall shapely bootjack ends...the front joined by elegant drapery-like valenced bottom rail with half-round drop at center. Wide brush strokes of black paint within arched borders against field of red decorate the front; sides and lid with similar decoration. The brasses are replaced with all else fine. (Height: 44.25"; width: 42.5"; depth: 18.25".)

195-12 - SOLD

Chest, Blanket Chest, Chinoiserie Paint Decorated, Lift-Top, William and Mary
New England, 18th Century - SOLD

Lift-top above molded case featuring three faux-drawers above two-working long-drawers; the whole raised on molded and applied bracket base.
(Very good condition, replaced hardware, else fine; H: 40", W: 34.75", D: 18.75")
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested.

413-34 - SOLD

Paneled Blanket Chest, Original Painted Surface, All Sides Feature Raised Panels
Circa 1780ish
Fine construction, mortise and tenon joinery, clean, small coffee table size - SOLD

(H: 23", W: 39.25", D: 18.5")

1040-1 - SOLD

Blanket Chest, Paint Decorated, Lift-Top, Two-drawers
New England, Early 19th Century
Maple, chestnut and pine - SOLD

Excellent original paint and condition; brasses appropriately replaced in original borings. (Height: 45.75"; width: 40.25"; depth: 19".)

191-303 - SOLD

Blanket Chests, Fine Original Paint Decoration, Pair
Circa 1825 to 1835
Bold and clean, full coverage paint - SOLD

A crisp and bright pair of putty-painted six-board chests retaining fine original surface of burnt sienna; rectangular lids with applied beaded molding above deep-well raised on bootjack ends. Superb condition. (Dimensions: 25.25" H, 43.25" W, 18" D.)

935-1 - SOLD

Blanket Chest, Ball Foot, Old Red Paint, Black Molding
New England
Circa 1710 to 1730 - SOLD

The lift top with applied molding above deep-well above two working long drawers; the case with applied double-bead molding raised on molded base resting on ball feet retaining full pads. (Height: 37.5"; width: 38"; depth: 19")

274-118 - SOLD

Blanket Chest, Original Paint and Painted Decoration
New Hampshire
Circa 1830 to 40
White pine and poplar, original brasses - SOLD

Unusual and possibly unique decorated lift-top blanket chest above two-drawers constructed. The rectangular top with turret front-corners on conforming case with turned front stiles centering the deep well above a pair of short side-by-side drawers retaining original brasses; raised on tall delicate turned legs featuring delicate tapered spike feet. The height of this piece and its unusual width make it suitable for use as a server, a very difficult object to find in American painted furniture. (Ht. 36"; W. 48"; D. 19".)

201-257 - SOLD

Country Box
Paint Decorated
19th Century - SOLD

The lid hung on iron butt-hinges above conforming dovetail constructed case.
Height: 15.5"; width: 42.25"; depth: 14.75".

714-3 - SOLD

Blanket Chest
New England
Circa 1830
Poplar - SOLD

Abstract decoration...wide sweeping undulating lines centering large dots done with dry brushstrokes of black against an oyster-white ground. The rectangular lid with applied molding above a conforming case of dovetail construction raised on an applied bracket base also of dovetail construction. The interior is complete with till having a molded edge; original hinges and paint. (Height: 21"; width: 38"; depth: 17.75".)

475-35 - SOLD

Lift-Top Blanket Chest
Old Red paint
18th century - SOLD

The top with applied cleats above deep well above single long drawer with overhanging molded edges raised on cutout side feet and having applied base molding. Measures 31" in height, 38" in width and 16.5" in depth.

208-32 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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