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Stunning Early 19th Century Family Portrait,
Agreeable and Handsome Composition,
Great Color
Anonymous, likely Continental, circa 1830 – 1840
Pastel on vellum

Stunning Early 19th Century Family Portrait,
Agreeable and Handsome Composition

Unique in its style and subject matter, pastel portraits from the first half of the nineteenth century are exceedingly rare in this outstanding condition. The vibrant colors are just as distinctive as the number of sitters.
It is interesting that the elder brother standing in the center has a striking resemblance to his father while three young children closely resemble the mother…sharing blue eyes and facial features that the young man does not have in common. This could simply be coincidence, or the young man may be progeny of the gentleman’s first marriage with the three younger children resultant of the current union.
Each of the children hold an object that may represent their virtue, youth, and learning. On the book cover is a fine [39] written in pencil, perhaps suggesting the year of the painting’s creation. Pastel is an extremely delicate medium, the exacting level of detail, the distinct expressions, and textiles suggest an artist with some formal training.
The painting was recently expertly reframed; the backboards had previously not been disturbed…within were found Vermont newspaper fragments. Most likely the unframed painting accompanied immigrants to America where it was framed (pictures available).

Stunning Early 19th Century Family Portrait,
Agreeable and Handsome Composition

Stunning Early 19th Century Family Portrait,
Agreeable and Handsome Composition

Stunning Early 19th Century Family Portrait,
Agreeable and Handsome Composition back



Pastel Portrait of Boy Anonymous, German School,
19th Century

Pastel Portrait of Boy Anonymous, German School, 
19th Century

Mounted within a period gilt frame; frame: 21.75" x 18"; view: 19" x 15.25"

Pastel Portrait of Boy Anonymous, German School, 
19th Century



Satirical Scene, Caricature Painting, Upstairs-Downstairs Attitude Anonymous, circa 1820’s Oil on canvas, ex-collection of Edward Vason Jones

Satirical Scene, Caricature Painting, Upstairs-Downstairs Attitude Anonymous

"Upstairs, Downstairs" Downstairs was the kitchen where the servants ate and relaxed. This picture seems to relate to planning for a ball and by the costume, was painted during the 1820s--the black man is wearing livery for a stable hand, while others are wearing house servant livery. The large cupboard is full of Leeds type feather-edge pottery, enough for a grand and splendid home. The joke awaits translation! (Mounted within a period Hogarth type frame; the picture is lined; has been cleaned…minor in-paint to edges.
Frame: 9.75 x 8.75"; view: 7.5 x 6.5”)

Satirical Scene, Caricature Painting, Upstairs-Downstairs Attitude Anonymous

Satirical Scene, Caricature Painting, Upstairs-Downstairs Attitude Anonymous back




Folk Art Picture Frame, Original Surface History
New England, Early 19th Century
Black and red paint displays a very good surface; is very early; over mustard

Folk Art Picture Frame, Original Surface History
New England, Early 19th Century

Front and sides display 98% paint coverage. (17.5 x 13.5"; rabbet: 10.25 x 14.25", view area: 13.5” by 9.5”)

Folk Art Picture Frame, Original Surface History
New England, Early 19th Centuryback_



Portrait of Boy on Horseback, Equestrian Painting
Anonymous, Turn of 20th Century

Antique Portrait of Boy on Horseback, Anonymous, Turn of the 20th Century, close up view

This painting was found in the Buffalo, New York area and remains on original stretcher; excellent overall condition. The attractive carved and gilt modern frame measures 28.5 by 39.25”; view: 23.25 by 33.75”.



Antique Portrait of Boy on Horseback, Anonymous, Turn of the 20th Century, with ruler for scale

Mezzotints, Pair of Portraits, George III and His Queen Charlotte
King George by Charles Spooner after Jeremiah Meyer, Circa 1760 to 1767

Antique Pair of Mezzotint Portraits of George III and His Queen Charlotte, Circa 1760 to 1767, pair view

(Framed by Perry Hopf; imperfections; approximately 18.5 by 25”, sight-size: 14 by 20”)



Antique Pair of Mezzotint Portraits of George III and His Queen Charlotte, Circa 1760 to 1767, entire and with ruler for scale
Antique Pair of Mezzotint Portraits of George III and His Queen Charlotte, Circa 1760 to 1767, queen text detail
Antique Pair of Mezzotint Portraits of George III and His Queen Charlotte, Circa 1760 to 1767, king text detail

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

19th Century American School Portrait of Handsome Gentleman in Black Jacket
A striking composition apparently by an artist with some training SOLD

19th Century American School Portrait of Handsome Gentleman in Black Jacket

(Very Minor scattered in-paint, lined and mounted on original stretcher; modern frame; overall: 37 by 31.75”)

1208-18 SOLD

Pair of Portraits, Man and Woman, John James Trumbull Arnold (1812 to 1865)
Born, Reading Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania, Worked in York County
(He is thought to have also worked in Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia.)
Displaying many signatory devices confidently assigned to the artists oeuvre
(Strip lined and sensitively cleaned; 30 by 25”) - SOLD

Antique Pair of Portraits of a Woman and Man, By John James Trumbull Arnold, close up pair view

See American Folk Portraits, Paintings and Drawings from the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center, pp. 36, 40, and 41. Also, Folk Art’s Many Faces, Portraits in the New York State Historical Association by Paul D’Ambrosio and Charolotte Emans. Gerald Wertkin published a nice entry on page 27 of the Encyclopedia of American Folk Art in association with the American Folk Art Museum.



Portrait, Lady at Tea Table with Red Book, Saber Leg Chair, Puffy Sleeves
British School, Late 1830’s, Probably Original Frame
Opaque Watercolor - SOLD

Antique Portrait of a Lady at a Tea Table, British School, Late 1830's, entire view

(14.5 by 12.5”)

659-93 - SOLD

Opaque Watercolor Painting, Courtesan Lady, Chinese, 19th Century
Original Frame, Circa 1850 - SOLD

Antique Opaque Watercolor Painting of Chinese Courtesan Lady, Circa 1850, entire view

(Minor restoration; 27 by 21”)

659-89 - SOLD

American School Portrait, Man in White Collar and Dark Jacket
Anonymous, Circa 1800ish - SOLD

Antique Portrait of Man in White Collar, Anonymous, Circa 1800, close up view

(Not examined out of frame, very old, small, and minor retouch; frame: 23 by 27.75”, sight-size: 20 by 24”)

521-1 - SOLD

Pastel Portrait, Young Boy, Half Length
Circa 1820
Mounted in carved and gilt frame - SOLD

(Frame: 19.25 by 22.5"; view: 14.25 by 17.5")

847-1 - SOLD

Pair of Portraits, Man and Woman, Oil on Poplar Panels, Nice Smallish Size
Anonymous, Early 19th Century
The subjects positioned before landscape views - SOLD

Pair of Antique Oil on Panel Portraits, Early 19th Century, with ruler for scale

(Scattered and minor tint loss, extremely minor in-paint, else fine; mounted in period birds eye maple frames (not original); 16.25 by 19.5".)

1123-1 - SOLD

Portrait, Gentleman, Nathaniel R. Cobb (1798 to 1834)
Merchant, Religious Man, Generous Charitable Benefactor, Philanthropist
Born at Westbrook, Maine, Removed to Plymouth in 1802, Boston in 1814
Probably Boston, 1820's - SOLD

An early identifying label is affixed to stretcher and remains nearly intact; painting by decent within his family. (Excellent condition, original stretcher; (25 by 30")

1081-4 - SOLD

Pastel Portrait of Gentleman, Carved and Parcel Gilt China Trade Frame
Early 19th Century
A handsome and agreeable subject - SOLD

(Not examined out of frame; 15.5 by 14" frame, 9.25 by 7.25" sight-size)

336-136 - SOLD

Portrait of Woman in Lace Bonnet and Fichu
18th Century
Oil on Oak Panel within Gold Frame of the Period - SOLD

Original Condition (Frame: 13.75 by 11.5"; view: 10 by 7.75")

648-2 - SOLD

Portrait, Handsome Gentleman
Circa 1830's
Oil on walnut panel - SOLD

Dimensions: 12.75 by 15.25" frame, 8.75 by 11.5" sight-size.

1010-1 - SOLD

Portrait, Spotted Fawn at Stream, Indian Maiden
Oil on Panel
19th Century
A colorful oil on canvas, unsigned, that may be compared to several similar depictions by George Winter (1810 to 1876) - SOLD

An Indian maiden in the forest, balanced on a rockery as she crosses stream. See The Art of George Winter by Cooke and Ramadhyani (Indiana Historical Society, 1993), in which another version of the Spotted Fawn is illustrated. Winter was fond of the subject, creating several versions. (We have handled one other.)
The canvas and stretcher displays the back-mark of M.F. Reynolds, Artists and painters Warehouse, Buffalo Street, Rochester, N.Y. There are losses to the original gesso and gilt frame; painting remains in excellent original condition.
(Frame: 17.5 by 15.5"; view: 11.5 by 9.5")

818-29 - SOLD

Portraits, Pair, Man and Woman, Pastel
Circa 1810 to 1820
Pastel crayon and pencil - SOLD

The gentleman remains in very good condition with only some toning possibly caused by moisture above his head; it appears that the lady's lips are restored, also water staining beneath right-proper eye and a paper crease above shoulder that travels from left-halfway to right. Actually they are quite attractive on the wall.
Mounted on stretcher (18.25 by 22.25" frame, 11.5 by 15.5" sight-size.)

431-59 - SOLD

Painting, Black Americana
Circa 1890
Oil on oak panel - SOLD

As depicted, typical of the period yet with pleasing and sensitive attitude. Excellent condition. (Frame: 21.75 x 16.75 inches; view: 15.75 x 10.75 inches)

913-96 - SOLD

Portrait from Life attributed to John Johnston
Minister Simeon Howard (1733-1804)
Rev War Activist
Advocate for Right to Bear Arms (2nd Amendment)
Oil on canvas - SOLD

Simeon Howard was minister of the West Church, Boston, (1767-1775) and defines the importance of West Church in the events leading to the American Revolutionary War. Howard left briefly in 1775 for Nova Scotia, with many of his parishioners, to avoid British retaliation, but returned after a year and a half. Of significant importance is A Sermon Preached to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery-Company, in Boston, New-England, June 7th, 1773. Being the Anniversary of Their Election of Officers, by Simeon Howard, A.M. Pastor of the West Church in Boston. The sermon is regarded as a call to arms justifying the right to take up arms against an oppressor, and Howard is generally touted as one of the big 3 (Adams, Howard, and Paine) when is comes to precursors, proponents, and justifications for our Second Amendment. In modern times, Howard is often cited in NRA literature on the right to bear arms. Howard is a significant figure to Boston, and in the founding of our country.
The portrait remains in generally excellent condition on original stretcher; lightly cleaned and stabilized. (Frame: 28.25 x 33.25 inches; view: 24.25 x 29.25 inches)

413-10 - SOLD

Portraits Of A Rhode Island Couple
Attributed William W. Kennedy
Oil On Canvas
Circa-1840's - SOLD

These paintings were purportedly found in southern Rhode Island; based on the consignors receipt...what we can guarantee is that they are without compromise. Stylistically the sitters clothing falls within the period that Kennedy worked at New Bedford, Massachusetts that borders Rhode Island. In the flat style with characteristics common to Kennedy's1 hand...bright eyed, pristine skin-tones and general attitude. The paintings are mounted in appropriate gilt frames of the period that measure 25 by 21-inches.

1There are less than twenty signed examples of Kennedy's portraits extant-approximately 40 others have been found that closely resemble the documented works. Stylistically, Kennedy's crisp, flat likenesses strongly resemble the Prior and Hamblen portraits. His likenesses are distinguished by consistent portrayal of his sitters with steeply sloping shoulders, squared noses, and small, pursed lips. Characteristic of his portrait-painting style is excessive shading around the nose and a single dark line between the lips.

329-5 - SOLD

Portrait of Two Boys
Providence, Rhode Island
Circa 1836
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

A delightful portrait of two boys depicted within landscape before a mountainous child dressed in a white off the shoulder gown, the other in a green suit. The siblings hold a bouquet together in their left hands, the older boy's right hand rests on the younger boys shoulder while the younger boy reaches into a basket of fruit beside him-a depiction of unity and childhood innocence. The background is in muted earth tones and is unsigned; the date "1836" is inscribed on the reverse in black paint. The work is mounted within its original molded gilt gesso frame with an arched mat. The picture descended in the Diman family of Bristol, Rhode Island and remains in very good original condition. (48-inches x 38.75-inches framed.)

556-44 - SOLD

Portrait, Daniel Doughty Smith Jr., Pastel
Attributed to James Martin
Burlington, New Jersey
Circa 1810 to 1820 - SOLD

A pastel portrait of a handsome and agreeable Daniel Doughty Smith Jr., 1783-1820, inscribed on back of original backboard "Daniel Doughty Smith Jr. / Born 4 mo 10th 1783 / Died 7 mo 14th 1820 / Painter Unknown, original frame and backboard, not examined out of frame, no apparent in-painting; some slight mildewing; glass is original; frame has some slight chipping.
James Martin is listed on page 426 of The New York Historical Society's Dictionary of Artists 1564-1860 as a miniaturist and portraitist who worked in pastel and crayon. He arrived in the United States in 1794, advertising himself as "late of Fleet Street, London". He advertised himself in New Jersey from 1795 and is known to have worked in New York City and New Jersey until 1820. (. (See Sotheby's, sale 6527, Fine Americana, lot 948, January 1994; Also, Keno Auctions, May 2010, lot 414.)
(Frame: 20 by 26.25"; view: 17.5 by 23.5")

935-2 - SOLD

Oil on poplar panel, in period frame - SOLD

A beautifully rendered portrait of a Sea Captain that was engaged in the China clipper trade for 30-years. Tradition purports that this portrait depicts Captain Symmes who was born August 19, 1802 in Kingston, Massachusetts; he died November 6, 1884. The painting descended in the Lee Higginson family, Beverly, Massachusetts; to Harry Arons Antiques in 1945. (See, The Jamesons in America, 1647-1900; Captain Symmes is discussed on page 224.) The Symmes Family arrived in Charlestown, Massachusetts in the 1620's.
The painting is in excellent as found, original condition.
(Overall: 27 5/8 by 33-inches.)

274-111 - SOLD

(American, 1831 – 1913)
Boy with Tin Whistle, Watercolor - SOLD

Charming image of youth, for which Brown is known, seated on wood block and playing a tune. A top seems to have fallen out of his pocket. Signed [J.G Brown – N.A]. Rare medium for artist.
(Frame H: 17.5”, W: 15”; View: 10.5”, W: 7.5”)

659-156 - SOLD


Zedekiah Belknap (1781-1858)
Pair of Folk Portraits,
Lady and Gentleman

Identified as Isaac Riddle,
Oil on Canvas, Original Condition
The Lady: Oil on Panel, Period Gilt Frame


The paintings perfectly display Belknap’s stylistic style as seen within his oeuvre.
(Woman: restoration to chest limited to chest area between upper neck and lace; gentleman displays cracklature; lady, frame: 23.25 x 29.25"; view: 19.5 x 25.5"; man: frame: 23.5 x 29.5"; view: 19.5 x 25.5")

556-69 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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