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Painting, Storming Chapultepec, Mexican American War Battle
Lewis Tapia, Circa 1847
Oil on Canvas

Mexican-American War 1846-1848: Battle of Chapultepec 12-13 September 1847. American forces overwhelming Mexicans at Chapultepec Castle which guarded Mexico City from the west. Mexico City fell on 14 September.
(Excellent condition other than a 4-inch scratch soon to be restored (Frame: 43 by 35", sight-size: 34.5 by 26.5")



Portrait, Major Jonathan Cass (1750 to 1830)
Dressed in Uniform
Oil on basswood panel, original painted frame
A Rare Early American Portrait

Antique Portrait of Major Joathan Cass Dressed in Uniform, close up view

A bold and important painting of Major Jonathan Cass, Revolutionary War veteran, born at Exeter, New Hampshire. The subject is depicted wearing a dramatic uniform with battle scene in the background. The work remains in excellent condition with only the most minor scattered touches to miniscule areas.

When the Revolutionary War broke out, Cass was about nineteen years of age; animated by the spirit of the times, the day after the battle of Lexington, he entered the army as a private soldier. He remained in the army until its disbandment in 1783, when he left it a captain; a rank he obtained by his gallantry and good conduct.

He served as PVT Bunker Hill, June 1775 Ensign 3rd N.H. 8 Nov 1776, 2 LT 4 August 1777, 1st LT 1 May 1778, transferred to 2nd NH on 1 Jan 1781. Capt on 8 Dec 1782, served to close of war. Capt. 2nd U.S. Infantry 4 May 1791, was in 2nd Sub Legion 4 Sep 1792, and Major in 3rd Sub Legion 21 Feb 1793 which became 3rd U.S. Infantry 1 Nov 1796. He resigned 15 Feb 1801, and died 14 Aug 1830." After the war he was ordered west where he eventually retired. He died in Muskingum Co., OH Ohio on August 4, 1830. Additional information available about the man himself, his son, Lewis-and other children. (Listed: D.A.R. Patriot Index.)



Antique Portrait of Major Joathan Cass Dressed in Uniform, with ruler for scale
Antique Portrait of Major Joathan Cass Dressed in Uniform, background detail
Antique Portrait of Major Joathan Cass Dressed in Uniform, name plate detail

Major General Zachary Taylor, American Troops in Battle, Painting
Anonymous, Circa 1847 to 1850

This heroic painting depicts Major General Zachary Taylor (on white horse) at the Battle of Buena Vista (22 - 23 February 1847). The background depicts troops advancing under cover of artillery while the foreground depicts Taylor and another mounted officer directing the battle. More artillery sets up on their flank. An officer shown with these artillerymen bears a strong resemblance to period depictions of Captain Braxton Bragg. It was the timely arrival of Bragg's "Flying Artillery" that saved the day for the Americans.

The artist used a considerable amount of glazing to render the background, as well as the faces and uniforms. This contributes to the remarkable depth and clarity of the painting. The color is superb, from the soft pinks and blues of the sky and the subtle browns and green of the undulating hills to the roiling smoke of the cannon and the nuanced shading of the wind-whipped flags. It is clear that the artist did not allow enough drying time between glazes; as a result there is a degree of craquelure across the surface of the painting. In spite of this, the painting is so well rendered and pleasing to look at that the craquelure blends into the background.

The painting, which measures 26" by 36", retains its original stretcher; the picture has been lightly cleaned; there is no other restoration; one tiny puncture at upper left that we will have expertly restored. The gold leaf frame is period and appropriate; however, we are not certain if it is original to the painting.



Berlin Needlework Portrait
Full Standing Figure of Washington
Multicolored cotton
Circa 1850

General Washington is posed before his horse with compromised canon and cavalryman while in the background is Continental soldiers and our 13-star flags.
The patterns were imported from Berlin as was the worsted wool used for working needlepoint and/or cross-stitch pictures on canvas throughout the Victorian era. Frame: 45.5 by 56.25"; Sight Size: 38.75 by 49.5".



Lady Liberty Watercolor, Liberty Cap, Eagle Perched on Shield
Anonymous, signed ML
Circa 1850 to 1900
The emblem of Liberty Holding Rose with Her Companion Bald Eagle on Shield

(The faux grained frame: 18 by 14"; sight-size: 13.25 by 9.5")



Folk Art, British Soldier on Horseback, Watercolor and Photograph Composition
R. Sinclair. Late 10th Hussars, 123 Northgate Street, Canterbury, Dec. 7th, 1878
By Richard Sinclair, (Specialist in military subjects) Late 19th Century
A colorful composition displaying a handsome horse and rider in military uniform

Richard John Sinclair was born in Dublin about 1845; Richard served with the 10th Royal Hussars at Dublin on the 14th September, 1865. Sinclair established his studio in Northgate shortly after his discharge from the army. The majority of his watercolors depict soldiers of cavalry regiments standing in front of or on horseback with rustic backgrounds. The heads of the soldiers are actual sepia photographs, presumably of the purchaser of the paintings. The 1881 census records Richard John Sinclair's occupation as military artist and in 1891 as artist�with no mention of photography. In 1891his son Richard (aged 15) is listed as a photographer's apprentice. The 1901 census lists Richard John Sinclair as a military artist and photographer; son Richard and daughter Maude as photographer's assistants. (Photo of face is faded, otherwise good condition; matted and mounted in attractive modern frame measuring: 26 by 19.5", sight-size: 2 by 15.5")



Bas Relief Bust Shell, Winfield Scott, White Frosted on Convex Tin Shell
Manufactured by Huntington, Loretz and Co., 142 Fulton Street, New York
Circa 1865
Plaster, wood, tin, convex glass, silver leaf, and velvet, retains trade label

(Walnut frame: 16.5 by 14.5"; sight-size: 11.5 by 10.5"; fine original condition)



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Possible Portrait of John Brown, Radical Abolitionist
A Maine Artist Portrays His Interpretation
Oil on Canvas (35.25 by 25.25")
Inscribed in graphite on the stretcher is found: Chas. Greenhalgh, 4th Maine Regt. - SOLD

Antique Portrait of Gentlman Identified as John Brown, Oil on Canvas, by Chas. Greenhalgh, close up view

A quick search produced a Charles B. Greenhalgh, fought at Gettysburg; his pension information and more. (The Sixty-Fourth Congress, Session II, 1917; voted that: “Charles B. Greenhalgh late captain Company C, Fourth Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry to pay him a pension at the rate of $40 per month in lieu of what he is now receiving.”)

210-257 - SOLD

Sulfide Cameo Plaque, Benjamin Franklin, Early 19th Century
Impressed on obverse, DESPREZ; Rue des Recolets / N0. 2, Paris - SOLD

Encased white sulfide portrait of Ben Franklin, colorless glass, beveled and faceted edge, cameo reverse flat impressed with makers mark; cast gilt metal hanger. The Desprez signature is found on the finest sulfides; he established himself at the above mentioned address in 1793; listed in the Paris Commercial Almanac of 1807, 1812, and 1813. (A few chips along the upper left edge, else fine; diameter: 3")

879-45 - SOLD

Portrait of a Gentleman, American School, Eighteenth Century
Unknown Painter, Late 18th Century
The gentleman wears a powdered wig and green frock coat - SOLD

Oil on canvas, mounted within gilt-wood and gesso Rococo frame
(Relined, minor retouch, frame with scattered minor gilt and gesso losses; frame: 29.5 by 34.25"; view: 21.75 by 27")

549-23 - SOLD

Portrait, General Jose Maria Morelos (1765 to 1815), Oil on Board
Mexican Roman Catholic Priest and Revolutionary Rebel Leader - SOLD

Who led Mexican War of Independence Movement, later captured by the Spanish Colonial Authorities and executed for treason.
(Restored; 8 by 9.75")

1071-21 - SOLD

George Washington
Print in Eglomaise Mat
18th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 15.5 by 17.5-inches.

232-14 - SOLD

General Joshua Chamberlain
Late 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted...restored.
Frame: 33 x 39 inches;
View: 23.75 x 29.75 inches.

110-359 - SOLD

Pen and Ink Calligraphy
Eagle With Breast Marked "Freedom"
Jackson, Crogan, Harrison, Bainbridge
Respectfully inscribed to Columbia's
free-born sons by the writer

August 20th 1822
A, Maclaurin - SOLD

There are two four-line poems surrounded by names of War Of 1812 heroes including Porter, Ripley, Hull and Jones. Minor soiling and toning, all else fine.
(Dimensions: 21.75 by 32-inches framed; 29.375 by 19.25-inch view area.)

232-126 - SOLD

Painting, Mt. Vernon and Washington's Tomb by Moonlight
William Mathew Prior (Inscribed on reverse)
Circa 1853
Oil on canvas - SOLD

The verso displays Prior's stamp "PAINTING GARRET" as he called his painting studio that was located within the Prior home that the artist built and shared with his wife at 36 Trenton Street; he painted here from 1846 until his death in 1873.
The canvas remains on Its original stretcher within a period gilt frame.
The Washington family vault at Mount Vernon was replaced in 1837 by a tomb featuring the entryway depicted in this painting. (Frame: 29.5 by 23.75")

853-13 - SOLD

George Washington, After Gilbert Stuart Athenaeum Portrait
Anonymous, found in South Carolina
Oil on Canvas
19th Century - SOLD

The canvas was mounted on wood during the mid-twentieth century; all else fine. The view area measures 25 by 31".

328-4 - SOLD

1777 Engraving by Augustin de Saint Aubin, After a Drawing by Charles Nicolas Cochin - SOLD

Antique Benjamin Franklin Engraving by Augustin de Saint Aubin, 1777, close up view

The bust-length portrait shows Franklin wearing trademark Canadian fur-trapper hat and round spectacles; he faces right and is centered within an oval border.
(Very good condition, frame: 14.5 by 9”, sight-size: 9 by 6.75”)

997-21 - SOLD

Patriotic Folk Art, Eagle Surmounting American Shield and Flags, Span-Am War
Signed F.X. Cote, Circa 1898 to 1900
Crossed American and Cuban Flags, very attractive piece - SOLD

Cannon centered by cannon balls/brass-monkey flanked by uniformed and armed soldiers; the eagle displays a banner in its mouth-United States of America.
(Excellent and bright condition; beautifully matted and mounted within molded walnut frame; very small piercing at topmost center margin; probably for period of use hanging device or nail; very small dog ear at bottom left outermost corner margin. Frame: 20.75 by 24.5", sight-size: 15.75 by 12.25")

335-112 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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