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June 2013 M.A.D. Gallery Pages  1 | 2 | 3

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Maubeuge Arsenal Musket, Model 1763, Double US Surcharge
Tang with Model 1763 Marking, American Revolutionary War Period
In overall fine original flintlock condition
Extremely Rare - SOLD

The round band-fastened, .74-caliber, 45-inch barrel with a bottom mounted bayonet lug and a visible, large sized, Rev-War, "US" surcharge on the breech top; the tang with clear "M. 1763" marking. Regulation Model 1763 walnut full-stock with pronounced comb at the butt and sharp contours with only light scatted handling marks. There is a "V" inspector's mark behind the sideplate.
Original Model 1763 lock with flat reinforced hammer, faceted powder pan and curled tail on frizzen spring. The face of the lock displays the "Maubeuge" Arsenal marking and is stamped forward of the hammer with an "S" inspectors mark. Clearly marked on the tail of lock is a "US" surcharge, struck in large 18th century characters. All iron mounts of Regulation Model 1763 design; the buttplate with short-screw mounted tang; trigger guard with long teardrop finials; three barrel bands; the rear is friction fit, the middle band with "T" shaped finials and the upper band with a vestige of its ramrod protection extension. The flat "S" shaped sideplate marked with "PM" inspector's mark. The barrel, lock and furniture are a pleasing, smooth, brown patina; barrel with some thinning to smoky gray. The surcharges are clear; mechanically tight action; original components throughout including two sling swivels and iron ramrod. The stock features smooth surfaces with only some light handling marks; minor shrinkage at the butt and 90% finish. There is a very old and minor sliver, (wood loss) at right side, top of barrel channel, at forend. An extremely rare and nice example of an authentic US Surcharged Model 1763 Charleville Musket; a true Model 1763 Charleville is rarely, if ever seen on today's market; this example among the few known with multiple "US surcharges. For additional information see George Neumann's book "Battle Weapons of the American Revolution", pp. 13 and 92.
(Overall: 60")


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