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Maryland Printing Press No.1, High end Lever Press/Tabletop Paten & Typeface and Box
A vintage working press that was marketed to children
(Ink roller rubber pad has deteriorated; includes the original box measuring 5 by 5.5 by 6.5")

Child's Printing Press by Maryland Printing Press with Box, entire view



Miniature Bronze Black Jockey Hitching Post, Original Paint
Austrian, Likely Early 20th Century, Great Surface

Miniature Bronze Hitching Post, Black Jockey Figure, angle view

(Minor paint loss; H: 4.75")



Sheet Iron Articulated Indian with Tomahawk and Tobacco Leaves
Unknown Maker and Age; but cool
Soft edges, brass rivets, light even surface rust, stamped pieces, embossed - SOLD

Antique Sheet Iron Indian, Articulated, entire view

(11.25 by 9")

1062-9 - SOLD

Horse Pull Toys, Carved and Painted, Pine
Late 19th Century
Ex Bernard Barenholtz Collection - SOLD

Antique Horse Pull Toys, Pair, Late 19th Century, pair view

On the right, a standing figure of a chestnut horse with a incised and painted black mane and tail, mounted on a green painted rolling base; the second horse painted a black-brown with incised mane, forelock and tail, the figure mounted on a rectangular cigar box base with the label of B.P. Clark Cigar Manufacturer (Boston, established 1853) on the bottom, has rollers and string pull. (Height large: 14": height small: 9.75")

532-45 - SOLD

Marionette, Pig Figure, Fabric Clothing, Polychrome
1st Half 20th Century - SOLD

Antique Marionette, Pig Figure, Polychrome, 1st Half 20th Century, close up view

Dimensions: 10.5" H.

171-95 - SOLD

Toy Wheelbarrow - SOLD

Antique Toy, Wheelbarrow, Red Paint with Yellow Decoration, left angle view

Old red paint with yellow decoration on sides, a wooden wheel with a turned axle and wire nail construction. Overall condition is good, with one glue-repaired handle mentioned for accuracy. Measures 25-inches in length, 12-inches in width and 6.25-inches in height.

514-82 - SOLD

Cast Iron Mechanical Toy
Bear and man holding sledge hammers Possibly Anti-Slavery
Original black paint

Antique Toy, Mechanical Toy, Bear and Man with Sledge Hammers, entire view

Sliding mechanism allows figures to strike anvil with hammers.
Dimensions: 4.75-inches high, 13-inches long.



Antique Toy, Mechanical Toy, Bear and Man with Sledge Hammers, with ruler for scale
Antique Toy, Mechanical Toy, Bear and Man with Sledge Hammers, man detail
Antique Toy, Mechanical Toy, Bear and Man with Sledge Hammers, bear detail

Lot Of 28 Whalebone Dominoes
Although dominoes are mentioned in whaling journals, they are rarely found as scrimshaw...
Circa 1850

Antique Toy, Dominoes Set, Lot of 28 Pieces, Circa 1850, entire view

This group demonstrates great age as evidenced by then primitive fashioning, tool marks and spacing of drilled number holes. The red and black pigment used to fill holes is long gone. Probably made shipboard by a sailor during leisure time- playing cards was an important and enjoyable pastime aboard ship. Each piece measures 1 3/16 by .5 by 3/8-inches.



An Exceedingly Rare Signed "Hersey" Toy Bedroom Suite
Only one other complete set known
Labeled-Samuel Hersey (1783-1876)
"Toy Town" Hingham, Massachusetts
Mid-Nineteenth Century

Antique Toy, Bedroom Suite, Labeled Samuel Hersey, entire view

Three drawer chest, wash stand, cannonball bed and quilt rack all remaining in fine original condition. The label is in drawer of chest and reads, " Manufactured by SAM'L HERSEY, Hersey Street, Hingham, Mass.
Chest dimensions: 4.5-inches high, 6.5-inches wide, 3-inches deep.
Wash stand dimensions: 5.25-inches high, 3-inches wide, 2.5-inches deep.
Bed dimensions: 6.25-inches high, 9.25-inches long, 7.25-inches wide.
Quilt rack dimensions: 4.25-inches high, 3.5-inches wide, 1.5-inches deep.



Antique Toy, Bedroom Suite, Labeled Samuel Hersey, bed detail
Antique Toy, Bedroom Suite, Labeled Samuel Hersey, chest detail
Antique Toy, Bedroom Suite, Labeled Samuel Hersey, rack detail
Antique Toy, Bedroom Suite, Labeled Samuel Hersey, washstand detail
Antique Toy, Bedroom Suite, Labeled Samuel Hersey, with ruler for scale

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Toy Foot Stool - SOLD

Antique Toy, Foot Stool, Painted, angle view

Dimensions: 3.75-inches high, 6.75-inches wide, 3.5-inches deep.

348-197 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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